Elysium Calisthenics Park



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Flipping on the bars at India's first calisthenics park

Do you want all of us shirtless?” Kirsten Varela, the 25-year-old jock behind Elysium Calisthenics Park, in Malad, asks before he joins fellow athlete Rohan Singh on the bars.

Street-style calisthenics takes over Mumbai

Calisthenics requires no fancy equipment — just a few pull-up bars, parallel bars and monkey bars, and you perform the moves using just your bodyweight.

Mumbai witnesses an all-India calisthenics fitness war

Talk about raising the bar, pun intended! We’re referring to a power-packed event that took place in Mumbai over the weekend.

Bodyweight Workouts For All To Lose Weight

On today’s episode of the Economic Times Money Show “Fitness Friday”, we spoke to Kirsten Varela, Found of Elysium Calisthenics Park to help you take through a variety of bodyweight workouts to get you fit and healthy!